13″ Damascus Skinning Knife, Jigged scale horn W/Engraved Brass, Leather sheath


Custom made Jigged round scale crafted with engraved brass & Red fiber spacer.
Available in Black Bull horn & grey Ram horn scale
Overall 12.5″ Long with 7″ long hand forged Damascus steel gut hook blade
5″ long cutting edge with clip point blade
Approximately  5 mm Thick Twist pattern Damascus steel
Handle Length is 6 inches
Up to standard hunting knife, Skinning Knife, collectible knife
Comes with a fine quality extra thick and robust leather sheath. The sheath has belt inserting loop and can be worn on belt.
Blade is made of Damascus steel by forging the 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel
Our Damascus steel is prepared by forging over 465 layer of high carbon and low carbon steel.
Blade has been given an excellent heat treatment to get it well hardened
Hardness 56 to 58 HRC.



13″ Damascus Skinning Knife, Jigged scale horn W/Engraved Brass, Leather sheath

Tips to Care Damascus knife:
Damascus steel as well as 1095 high carbon steel knives are different than some other common steel knives,because of its high carbon content they can be rusted if not care properly. If you have seen rust accidentally then use WD40 to remove it
Never store your knife for long time in leather sheath. Leather can absorb water which will rust the knife. Always clean the blade after using and apply oil or wax (please use cooking oil on Chef Knife) before you store it, for its longer life and durability – Leather sheath


Our knives are very sharp so open and use them very carefully.
We are not responsible for any injuries associated with the use of our knives.
Our products are intended for legal use only by responsible buyers.
We will not sell our products to anyone under the age of 18 – Leather sheath

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Horn (acoustic), a conical or bell shaped aperture used to guide sound
Horn (instrument), collective name for tube-shaped wind musical instruments
Horn (anatomy), a pointed, bony projection on the head of various animals, either the “true” horn, or other horn-like growths
Horn, a colloquial reference to keratin, the substance that is the main component of the tissue that sheaths the bony core of horns and hoofs of various animals