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Hunting Knives

DamascusDepot hunting knives are the epitome of rugged elegance, blending the timeless allure of Damascus steel with the durability required for the most demanding outdoor pursuits. Crafted with precision and passion, these knives boast meticulously forged blades that not only exhibit the stunning Damascus patterns but also deliver superior cutting performance. From skinning to field dressing, DamascusDepot hunting knives are trusted companions for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a perfect balance of form and function.

12" Long Damascus steel Hunting Bowie knife hand forged, exotic scale crafted with engraved brass, sliced camel bone and Wood W/brass spacer

Exotic Knives

DamascusDepot’s exotic knives are a fusion of art and utility, designed to captivate and perform. These knives feature intricately patterned Damascus steel, resulting in a unique and mesmerizing appearance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they are expertly crafted to excel in their intended tasks, whether it’s for precision slicing or general use. With a wide range of designs and shapes, DamascusDepot’s exotic knives cater to collectors, enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the exquisite combination of form and function.

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